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Stone Cold Magic Lecture

Stone Cold Magic Lecture

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Jeff Stone

Magician, Author, Rubik's Cuber

Jeff Stone has been creating, performing and teaching magic for over two decades. He's also one of the most read/watched magic reviewers in the world. He handles the daily operation of (world's largest review site) and is the author of every review on (second largest review site in the world). Additionally he is the official reviewer for

He is very critical and picky about what makes a valuable product for the magic community. He has been a creative consultant on several Sankey Magic products including the Sankey/Stone release of Infiltrator: any small object to sealed sugar packet that can be opened by the spectator. He's also the web developer for Jay Sankey's number 1 mentalism and magic training site, Inside Deception.

He is a very accomplished speaker, trainer, teacher and Rubik's Cuber. His lectures always leave the audience wanting more and with a mind more open than at the beginning of the lecture. Between his dynamic personality, love for magic and love for teaching and slightly left of center approach to everything, you're sure to walk away from the lecture inspired and refreshed with a new love and motivation to improve your magic.

Underground Jam

His debut to magic was as a guest artist on the Sankey Underground Jam DVD in 2007. His effect, Jacked Up from Underground Jam became a staple in the repertoire of magicians around the world. Several of his creative moves have been fooling magicians and laypeople alike:


Stone's "Dream Vacation" is a strong coin transposition effect where an initialed coin vanishes and reappears in a just-examined film canister.

Stone also presents a decent key and key ring effect.

While the trick itself is good, its his innovative handling of a common magic prop that is most intriguing, and is a concept that may be applied to other effects.

-Wayne Kawamoto

Jeff Stone not only has some really nice effects on the DVD but also a couple of great moves that I've been playing around with.

One was a coin vanish that fooled the heck out of me the first time I watched it. It's a variation of a standard move but it's so clean looking.

-Cameron Francis

Stone Cold Magic

Following the release of Underground Jam, Stone Cold Magic was released. This DVD full of commercial card magic was well received. However, one effect (Spectral Chill) made it's way into the repertoire of many magicians who "got it." The creepy effect ultimately became a beast all its own when an entire book was later dedicated to the concept: Spectral Chill/Tarot Below Zero.


All of these tricks I could see myself performing for walk around, and for friends. All of it is very visual... the ace productions, and especially the shrinking card.

It looks like trick photography! I need to go back and learn that one. There's a lot of effects on there too... and it seems to be easy material to learn.

-Jesse Feinberg


Jeff's second solo DVD, Gemstones, was received with open arms. The S.S. vanish quickly became the favorite on the DVD and at Jeff's lectures. A barehanded vanish of any small object that is guaranteed to astonish magicians and lay audiences. In addition to his original moves, ideas and concepts, he also offers streamlined and practical handling ideas and variations on many classics.


I've been a big Jeff Stone fan for a while now. Not only is he a good friend, he creates powerful, direct and -most of all- commercial close-up magic.

I also really respect Jeff as a teacher. He really knows what he's talking about.

'GEMSTONES' is the perfect opportunity to get to know Jeff and learn how his very clever mind ticks!

-Jay Sankey

Stone Frixion Fire

An entire DVD and eBook dedicated to the wonder that is the Frixion pen, an ordinary pen with extraordinary properties. This pen is available at all stationary stores, and will truly convert your magic to a whole new level.


Jeff Stone is to the Frixion pen what Michael Ammar is to the Toppit.

-Dan Paulus, creator of best selling effect Blind Luck.

Jeff Stone's Stone Frixion Fire is currently the definitive source for learning how to create magic with the new Frixion pen.

It offers a careful analysis of previous tricks with the pen, essential tips for using it deceptively, and over twelve magic effects to perform with it.

One of Jeff's tricks immediately went into my professional repertoire.

-Lawrence Hass, Associate Dean of the McBride Magic & Mystery School

793.8: Where is The Magic?

Jeff's latest book, 793.8 is, by far, his best selling and most popular product to date. It's job is to wake up the magic community to remember wonder and astonishment.


793.8 is one of the freshest and most powerful books about presentation for magicians that I have read in a very long time.

Your thoughts on connecting with an audience are so powerful that they literally woke me up to being a better performer.

Thank you so much for this fantastic work.

-Richard Sanders

Jeff Stone has quietly published a series of excellent magic books that are well-worth your time and money.

His latest one, 793.8, is all that again, but raised to another level. His deepest interest is to help you tap into the magic in your magic—those moments of deep, true astonishment.

Between Jeff's thoughtful essays and excellent routines, you will find yourself inspired to create more magical magic.

Highly recommended.

-Lawrence Hass, Associate Dean of McBride's Magic & Mystery School and author of Transformations: Creating Magic Out of Tricks.

I'm an enormous fan of the philosophical perspectives flowing through this book, but make no mistake, these pages also document many powerful, clever, commercial magic effects.

Among my favorites are 'Leaving Decks', 'Martika', and the extremely intimate 'Ode to Charlie.'

-Jay Sankey

Jeff Stone's 793.8 asks us to discover where the magic is in our methods, effects, presentations, and in our lives.

Perhaps we do not care or think we know, but Jeff lightly and joyfully keeps at us with his tricks and reflections until we are moved to wonder more broadly and deeply about our experience of magic.

The result is a book of thoughtful entertainment and perhaps even magic itself. May we allow ourselves to wonder along with it.

-Robert E. Neale

Filled with essays and over a dozen effects there is certainly a mixture of tricks for magicians and mentalists. There is something for everybody in here and I highly recommend it.

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 10/10/2014

This is not a book that hands you answers. This is a book that dares you to question and to dream.

It is full of problems, puzzles, and partial solutions.

It is a delightfully fun read and a much-needed break in the endless chain of how-to books.

-John Wilson, Magic Magazine 11/19/2014

This book is not a comprehensive treatise on all aspects of presentation, rather an invigorating and motivational read for performers who have learnt so much stuff they need to rediscover their vision and motivation.

-Chris Payne, MagicSeen Magazine 11/19/2014

Stone's thoughts on performing mentalism and finding that magic moment in one's presentations are well worth reading and mulling over.

-Payne, M-U-M Magazine 12/30/2014